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Shipping And Receiving

Shipping And Receiving

The Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon provides a full-service Package Room staffed to provide on-site package handling & delivery service to our guests.  A Bell Desk direct dial button is available from any house phone.
Standard Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 700 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Extended Hours are available upon request with two weeks advance notice. Please contact your Catering/Event Manager.
After Hours Operation
Package handling is available after business hours. Assistance may be delayed, depending on the number of
bellmen available.
Handling fees are assessed for each package received by the Hotel. Fees are determined by the size and weight of
the shipment:
- $5 per box, up to 30 pounds
- $7 per box over 30 pounds
Handling fee includes first movement to its final location. Additional movements: $5 per package.
Incoming Packages
Packages will be tracked and information such as the recipient’s contact information, group name, date of event,
tracking number, name of carrier and weight will be documented before being stored.
Shipments to the Hotel are received, stored and delivered by our Package Room. Storage in the Package Room is
limited. We ask your cooperation in shipping in a timely manner, no more than 3 days prior to the start of an
All incoming packages are stored until each is claimed by its recipient. Recipient may pick up packages on their own
at the Belldesk or may request a delivery to your meeting room via your event or banquet manager. ID will be
required at the time of delivery.
These services are NOT intended for Exhibitors. Any materials affiliated with an Exhibit Show must be shipped
through the official designated Drayage Company, following all guidelines indicated by the Exhibitor. Exhibitor
freight will not be accepted by the Hotel.
Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

Standard Group Shipping must be addressed
as follows:

Actual Recipient
Group Name
Catering or Event Manager Name
Guest Arrival Date
Hilton Miami Airport
5101 Blue Lagoon Dr
Miami, FL 33126
Box 1 of X
Table top Exhibitors Shipments must be addressed
as follows:

Actual Recipient
Exhibitor Company’s Name/ Booth Number
Group Name
Catering or Event Manager Name
Guest Arrival Date
Hilton Miami Airport
5101 Blue Lagoon Dr
Miami, FL 33126
Box 1 of X
For security reasons, all unidentified shipments or questionable packages will be refused. The Hotel policies on safe
package handling are based on advice from the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Federal Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Outgoing Packages
Boxes must be properly closed and labeled (Pre-Paid or with Account number).
Boxes without payment information or complete destination address will not be shipped out.
Guests will be responsible for the packing of all return packages.
If you wish to ship using your own account number from a carrier, a preprinted air bill from the carrier with the
account number generated by the carrier should be provided. If you do not have a preprinted air bill, the package
room will use their air bill and can charge your room, VISA, Master Card, or American Express account or master
account for the event.
Hotel service fees are determined by the size and weight of the shipment according to the following scale:
Outgoing shipments:
- $5 per box up to 30 pounds
- $7 per box up, over 30 pounds
Please note this fee is not the freight charge. Actual freight charge is determined based on the carrier of your
choice, e.g., FedEx®, UPS®, DHL®, etc. No COD packages will be accepted.
Packages will be stored for a period of (30) thirty days. Within the thirty day period, the package room staff will
notate a record of at least three (3) attempts to contact the package recipient. After the thirty day period, all
unclaimed packages will be taken to lost and found for disposition.


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